Sunday, June 2, 2013

Do You Really Have to Buy that New Tech Gadget?


For most diehard techies, they could never resist the allure of that brand new gadget that will be hitting the stores. These are individuals who would monitor the news and the Internet on the release dates of iPhones and iPads, Mac and Microsoft operating systems, and other devices through various computer websites and forums. Just a whiff of a possible release would already have them saving up their allowances or a percentage of their paychecks in order to buy these gadgets FIRST. After all, having that brand new device first means that they will be the envy of friends, relatives and strangers.

But if you really think about it, is that hot new gadget fresh off the shelves really something that you 'have to buy'?

 Let's say that a new device is going to be released in the market very, very soon. Here are some tips that you should keep in mind before actually splurging on that new product.

Don't fall for pre-release hype. Days—even months

—before the release of a new gadget, you will read full page ads about it in your newspapers or magazines and see eye-catching plugs on the Internet. These ads will only provide positive information about the device so that you will be enticed to buy it before it comes out. However, don't let yourself be lured by all the hype. Dig a little deeper. These products are usually given to columnists on computer websites for them to try out and review. Read the reviews from these sites before deciding to buy the gadget.

Just because it's brand new doesn't necessarily mean it's good. It is not surprising to find devices having brisk sales in the beginning, only to slow down and even grind to a halt a mere week that it has been released. The reason for this is that people who have bought the gadget have discovered that it is not as useful as they first thought or is much too complicated for them. As a result, they tell their friends not to buy the device. Again, don't immediately pull out your wallet. Read both positive and negative reviews about the gadget. Be very wary of devices which have only positive or very little reviews. Just because the reviews are glowing or there are no reviews at all, this does not mean that the product is worth your money. In fact, most of the time, it's the opposite.

Always check the price tag. If there is anything that should instantly turn you off from buying a new product, it would be its price. Hot, off-the-shelf gadgets are usually very expensive. It is more advisable to wait for a few months to buy it at a more reasonable price.

Brand new devices will most surely have bugs in them. Practically every manufacturer, and not just of tech devices, will tell their potential buyers that their products have gone through quality testing. However, such quality testing involves only a handful of test subjects who do not even represent the user needs and habits of an entire tech savvy population. Place the gadget in the hands of a tech geek and he or she is likely to discover bugs in the unit. Again, it is best to wait for any bugs to be resolved before buying the device.

Discover more useful tips which can help you decide on whether or not you should get that 'have to buy' gadget!

Maria writes for All IT Supported, a leading computer support company that specializes in helping non-technical users solve their technology problems.

Monday, April 8, 2013

3D engraving: Laser-Engraving Machines Make Lifelike Creations


What exactly is 3D engraving?
Three-dimensional engraving is the technique of using laser-technology to engrave or mark an object.

3D engraving differs from standard engraving in that through the use of laser machinery the need to use ink or tool bits are completely eliminated. 
Not all materials can be marked with laser technology only laser-sensitive polymers and novel metal alloys can be engraved. 
When it comes to 3D engraving, the objects used are typically crystal or glass to ensure that the images stand out, however there are other objects that can certainly be used as well.
What kind of materials can be engraved?
As aforementioned, there are a variety of objects that lasers can engrave on. If you are interested in 3D engraving it is recommended you work with a design studio (such as 3DesignCenter) and determine which platform is best for the image you would like.
Objects that can be used include stone and glass as they are not gaseous and can therefore easily be used with a laser.
Other objects include natural materials such as softwood and hardwood. In addition, plastics such as acrylic plastic sheets, standard cast acrylic plastic and other cast resins tend to laser well. 
Jewellery can also be laser engraved (depending on what it is made out of.) Jewellers are using laser-engraving machines to create customised designs for their clients and they are noticing that laser-engraving machines tend to be much more precise than their standard engraving counterparts.
Metal is the most common object for traditional engraving, however when it comes anything that is done with a laser, it cannot be used. 
Laser engraving machines
How a laser engraving machine works is relatively simple. The machine is made up of a laser, controller and a surface.
The laser works similar to a pencil. The beam emitted from it enables the controller to trace patterns onto the surface.
The controller is usually a computer and it controls the direction, speed of movement, intensity and spread of the laser beam, which is aimed towards the surface.
Finally, the surface is picked to match what the laser can act on.  
What kind of images can be engraved?
When you are selecting an image for 3D engraving any image can be used. If you know that you would like a 3D gift, but are unsure of what kind of image you would like, you can simply walk into a 3D design store and browse the artwork they have there.
However, if you have a specific image or photograph you would like to use you can bring it with you to the 3D design company and they can replicate it onto the object of your choice.
In addition, if you have a photo that you would like with a few edits or have ideas you would like incorporated into your image you can create a bespoke design with one of the artists at any 3D design company. 

Sunday, April 7, 2013

What to Expect From Finance Software


Finance software can be used for both personal and business applications. It helps to keep all your finances in order and can help you set a budget for each thing you do. Finance software is very beneficial for businesses with more than one department and you want to put each department on a set budget. The software can even alert you when a department goes over their budget or when one of your accounts is approaching a low balance.
The Benefits
Finance software can help you keep track of multiple accounts at one glance. The program will allow you to place limits on certain accounts and will let you know when those accounts have reached a low limit. Businesses like using finance software because it can help them regulate how much money each department spends. This allows them to budget their money better and be more cost-effective. You can use the bill paying feature to help you pay you bill on time so you do not have anymore late fees. The most attractive feature to the finance software is the ease of tax time. Everything is already put into the program so all you have to do is send the whole thing to your accountant with one push of a button.
Finding the Right one
Finding the right finance software for what you want to do with it, will take some research. It should not be hard, but look at all possibilities before you choose just one. Finance software can be expensive depending on which type of program you need. You want to go over everything it can do and if you have any questions then ask someone. You do not want to waste money on buying a finance software program that will not handle everything you need it to. If you are unfamiliar with this, then ask your accountant for some advice. Your accountant probably uses a program and can give you a good idea about which one will be beneficial for you.
Look at all the finance software programs you can before picking just one. You can even find some that will work for both your personal and business applications. There are many fine programs you can choose from, just make sure that it will have everything you need. Also consider how easy it is to use, you want to make sure that it will be something you understand how to use and not need assistance.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Xbox 360 Wireless gaming receiver Installing Windows 8


I ran into a problem last night trying to install a Xbox wireless gaming receiver on Win 8, Going off Google it looks like I wasn't the only one and I couldn't find a fix.

Apparently with ms being no help with support and for some reason they haven't made a win 8 driver for it.

Here is how:

1- grab the latest software from here and install it
Software Downloads: Xbox 360 Wireless Controller for Windows
I used the Windows 7 x64
2- Plug Wireless receiver into USB2 port I'm not 100% sure but I don't think they work with USB3
3- go to control panel > device manager and right click on unknown device then update driver software
4- Click "Browse for driver software on your computer"
5- Click "Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer"
6- Then in the left column click Microsoft and it should show a list in the right column scroll all the way down to the bottom and you should see,
Xbox 360 Wireless Receiver For Windows 6.2.9200.16384 [25/7/2012]
7- Highlight that driver and ok/next and it will give you a message saying that it is not recommended or words to that extent, click ok let it install
8- Check in device manager and it should be installed and you should be able to pair your controller with the receiver as you would on Windows 7
9- Now go to the start menu and click the Microsoft Xbox 360 Accessories Status app and check the controller is paired by pressing the guide button.

And that's it, for more information and support please visit:

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

How to save your cell phone battery


Cell phones are universally used gadgets. The number of people using these tech gadgets are increasing by the day. But one problem all most all the users face is the battery back up their phone battery gives. It is very frustrating to the users when their phone dies on them when in the midst of an important conversation. One thing all the manufacturers are striving to provide their consumers is a good battery which provides good battery back-up. There is also news that mobile phone production companies  are working on the making of a phone battery which can regenerate. Until these kind of batteries hit the market here are some battery back- up techniques for you.

Disposable battery boosters

It is frustrating when your phone dies on you when you are talking to somebody important and do not have the access to a charger or car consisting of charging option. In such cases you can use a disposable battery which helps in bridging the power gap until you charge your phone battery completely. The disposable battery will give you the chance to make calls even while your mobile battery is being charged. When  all the juice in the disposable battery is drained you can dispose them off according to your state regulations. Phone Companies that have the facility to use disposable phone batteries are Blackberry and Motorola. All these phones need is a small port for USB for using these rechargers. These batteries vary depending on the cost and power storage capacity ranging from $10 and so on. You can buy them online or from a retailer.

Keep a spare battery

Some people use their phone extensively for calling and texting and doing so drains the battery very fast causing a unfinished conversation. To avoid such situations carry a spare fully charged battery with you. If aware, in advance that you will have a lengthy conversation and your battery will run low, make arrangements for a spare one fully charged. A spare fully charged battery will also come in handy in case of storms, power outage etc. In those times you will be able to make emergency calls.

Charge your phone from a laptop

All the latest laptops have a USB port with the help of which your mobile phone and laptop can be connected. However, you must take care that you do not overcharge the battery and let the two gadgets stay connected for a long time, because not all the mobile phones are made for this kind of charging.

Michael Gocia author of these are some tips to How to save your cell phone battery. Find more tips on more list of technology blogs on directory ready .

Friday, December 28, 2012

Chinese Fridge Game App Makes Learning Chinese Fun


SAN FRANCISCO — A new free mobile game app is making learning Chinese fun and effortless for students interested in the language.

Chinese Fridge” teaches vocabulary in a game environment by rewarding players for correctly pairing Chinese words with their meanings or sounds, including simplified characters, traditional characters and the pinyin phonetic alphabet.

"The app aims to outperform basic flashcard-style memorization with a more interactive and multimedia-rich experience, where learning is a byproduct of having fun," said Ken Shen Robinson, creator of the app and Founder of Little Stars Chinese School.

When users select game pieces to match word pairs, the sound of the word is played out loud to facilitate memorization of words through audible repetition.

The game, available now for iPads and Android tablets, features cartoon-like graphics suitable for young children to keep them interested and engaged. The first release of the game features animals – an easy way to start kids off with a subject they are naturally interested in.

Parents and teachers can also use the Top Scores screen to see how much time the student has played the game and see the top word pairings that were made, allowing them to keep track of their child’s learning progress.

The game starts simple, with only three animal words to find pairs for. As the player advances through higher levels, more animal words are gradually introduced to provide a more rewarding and challenging game experience.

Future releases of the game will include different sets of vocabulary and incorporate more elaborate graphics and game play.

Though the app was designed primarily for kids, the game play is suitable for students of all ages who are beginning to learn Chinese and want to learn new vocabulary or reinforce past lessons.

About Little Stars Chinese School

Little Stars Chinese School was established in 2012 with the goal of making Chinese more engaging and entertaining to learn for children and students of all ages. Founded by a first-generation Taiwanese-American with extensive background in Chinese, communications and the mobile industry, Little Stars uses an innovative approach that leverages cutting-edge technology to make learning effortless and affordable.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Must Have iPhone 5 Cases & Accessories

Buying an iPhone 5 case is perhaps the first thing that anyone would do after buying the device. The much coveted smart phone is certainly not a very cheap investment and anyone would wish to protect it from untoward situations when it can suffer any damage whatsoever. Even if one rules out the uncertain and sporadic incidents, regular use and typical wear and tear can also lead to some troubles in the future. iPhone 5 cases along with various iPhone 5 accessories that are not only desirable but very much required.
iPhone 5 Cases
Before we talk about all iPhone 5 accessories that must be looked at, it is important to learn a few subtle facts about iPhone 5 cases. There are various types of iPhone 5 cases in the market. Numerous manufacturers, varying prices and also different set of features and claims have made it very difficult for the ordinary buyer to choose which type of iPhone 5 case would be ideal.
First, there are four types of materials that an iPhone 5 case can be made of – leather, silicone, metal or wood and cloth or cotton. Wooden and metal cases should never be opted for. The metal iPhone 5 cases may look state of the art and the wooden cases may appear to be aesthetically pleasing but they are hard materials and would defeat the primary purpose of iPhone 5 cases which is to offer a cushion to the device.
Leather and silicone iPhone 5 cases both work well. However, they should be soft on the inside, a bit hard on the outside and should not come with any frills. Decorative stuffs in both leather and silicone iPhone 5 cases are undesirable and prone to create problems for your treasured possession.
Cloth or cotton based iPhone 5 cases are undesirable because they are too soft which is acceptable for the interiors but completely worth rejection as exteriors. There would be no level of protection at all with such an iPhone 5 case.
iPhone 5 Accessories
There are many iPhone 5 accessories that are recommendable but it would eventually depend on the preference of the user as to which ones are really required. Among the popular and also the required ones, the Screen film which should ideally be an antiglare, anti-scratch and dust cum smudge resistant, USB cable to connect to PCs, Macs and other computing devices, 30 pin adapter and ear-pods are the most useful iPhone 5 accessories.