Wednesday, August 8, 2001

Role of Help Desk Services in Large and Small Organizations

In help desk services the queue managers as well as the issue tracking system play a vital role. The issue tracking system maintains the list of issues which have to be addressed by the managers time to time, who further prioritizes and does a follow up accordingly. Hence, these help desk services are of great use for the small and big organizations as well.

The help desk services are useful in providing information and also support which helps in solving issues related to computers and similar other products. Normally, the organizations offer the help desk services through internet, email or toll-free number. There are even certain in-house services to offer the similar kind of aid for the customers. Few of the educational institutions conduct classes for helping various sections of people to solve the issues. A general help desk has many functions. It offers the customers a unique source of contact through which they can address the various issues raised by their customers. It makes use of software which tracks the major issues which the customers request via a unique number provided mainly for help desk services.

Bigger help desk services manage various levels to address the questions raised by the customers depending on the intensity of the problem. At the primary level, the common problems raised by the customers are taken care of. If this problem is not solved at the primary level it will be passed on to the next level which may provide the necessary tools for solving that particular problem. Few companies maintain even third and another higher level to address problems relating to software.

These help desk services are performed by a team or a single person who is known as queue managers as well as queue supervisors. The manager of the help desk services has to prioritize the issues which come up to him/her through the tracking process. Usually people working in the larger help desks are very experienced professionals who have the capacity to take up challenges in various fields and problems. The queue supervisor gives each team an issue which they have to work out and come up with a solution. Certain problems are sometimes forwarded to experienced people or analysts who have knowledge on the particular topic. These analysts have certain functions to perform like taking up phone calls, replying to the questions asked through emails etc. but these functions are fulfilled by them only in a particular time limit everyday.