Thursday, November 22, 2012

Divide and Conquer Black Friday

Less than five years ago, Black Friday’s most dedicated shoppers would line up around the building of Macy’s, BestBuy, and many other shopping centers notorious for great holiday sales hours before retailers opened their doors. I was never one to pitch a tent and fight crowds of frugal bargain shoppers, but this year, I plan to remain a step ahead of the masses by using the endless mobile technology that is available today. Some people may save time by monitoring check-out lines and having a friend hold spots for them, but I will divide and conquer using mobile apps.

Consumer Implications

This Black Friday, I plan to maximize the number of purchases and savings using smartphone technology and a solid game plan. With the applications available today, I can compare prices, check inventory, and look up alternative products.

Mobile Apps

Rated one of the top shopping applications, Red Laser is a QR and barcode scanner that helps customers locate, save, and compare products. With the latest version of this application, users can store loyalty cards, discover incredible deals, find related items for viewed products, checkout using PayPal, and even get directions directly to store locations. I love the fact that I can do almost anything from a wireless internet connection. I no longer have to worry about losing shopping lists or getting knocked over in the stampede of customers when I am searching through my purse for loose papers and reward cards. Mobile technology helps customers like me consolidate every coupon, card, and list into one organized device.
If you happen to stumble across a coupon that you can’t spot on the internet, Snip Snap is the perfect solution. This mobile application digitally converts coupon photos taken by shoppers so that they can be redeemed in store. Snip Snap also sends push notifications if you are shopping in a store and have a coupon saved on your smartphone or tablet. Alerts are also sent for coupons that are nearing their expiration date. Snip Snap also allows users to share coupons with friends via email, Twitter, and Facebook. I love the ability to swap coupons and pass on the savings.
Don’t you hate it when you purchase a product online and then realize it is on sale a couple of weeks later? The Decide application advises consumers when to purchase products through price-predicting and model-predicting scores. This application accurately predicts when a new product will become available and helps shoppers identify the perfect time to buy. Decide also provides product scores, price alerts, and availability of products nearby and online. Don’t risk purchasing a product that is soon to be outdated.  I highly recommend Decide app.
Like I mentioned before, it is not easy to keep up with rewards cards, gift cards and the like. I have found that CardStar is a great application that consolidates cards in one location. Take a little load off of your wallet with the CardStar application. This app allows shoppers to load cards instantly and access coupons, rewards, and more from their favorite stores.
Take advantage of mobile technology to save money, stay organized, and strategize the perfect shopping game plan. With these applications, your Black Friday is a guaranteed success.
Author Bio: Hannah writes for zing broadband and enjoys online shopping.


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