Monday, September 5, 2011

Toshiba Android Tablet Thrive Certain to Be a Money Maker for Toshiba

When you purchase a tablet, you expect it to function as well (or better) than a laptop or any other piece of on the go technological devices. Toshiba made a run in the Android tablet market and seems to have a very good grip on what consumers want. This becomes most evident when you look at reviews of the Toshiba Android tablet Thrive, which was introduced just in time for the 2011 holiday season.

The Toshiba Android Thrive tablet comes with a 10.1 inch screen, which is exactly the same as some of the best selling tablets on the market today. Even so, it is a little heavier and has a design that is definitely unique to Toshiba. Experts at Toshiba did not want to try and mimic some of the other tablets on the market today, but instead went in their own direction with design and aesthetics. And for Toshiba, this bold design move may be paying off.

The Toshiba Thrive tablet is meant to mimic a laptop more than it is another tablet on the market today. And since it is sturdier and a tad bit heavier, many users find it easier to use. Plus, with features such as USB ports and a removable battery - users are finding that in many instances - especially troubleshooting, it is easier to use than some of the other tablets. Plus, Toshiba put a lot of thought into the design and making it comfortable for users which is why it has a unique and extremely hand pleasing grooved back panel that gives it an easy to grip feel. The back panel of the Thrive is completely removable and users can customize their appearance by using a colored back panel replacement if they so choose.

Since the back panel IS removable, users find that they can utilize two different batteries with this device, which definitely makes keeping it charged much easier in the long run. Battery life is deemed by company specification to be about 7 hours, which is fairly standard for tablets today. Even so, if you are playing games, downloading a lot of watching videos, the battery life is greatly decreased.

This tablet comes with other built in conveniences as well including the following:

USB and HDMI support,
Grooved, textured back for easy holding
Replaceable battery
Inbuilt file management system (Makes it a great choice for businesses)
Easy controls to adjust volume and standard settings
Droid 3.0 operating system
Headphone jacks
Extremely high resolution screen and accurate touch screen enabled.
If you are in the market for an Android tablet that will be able to mimic the heavy duty-ness and function of a laptop, than this is a great tablet for you. It is priced lower than the iPad and has performed better in consumer reports against well known and popular tablets such as the Samsung Galaxy. Plus, made by a company that is as reputable as Toshiba, you know that it has to be good.


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