Friday, September 16, 2011

Why 3D Artists Can Make More Money Than You !

3D developers have the opportunity to see their designs come to reality through 3D printing. When artists print 3D models, they create physical figurines out of their designs. As in, artists can actually hold their designs! How does this work? There are quite a few printing companies that will print 3D models for artists. These businesses will take the 3D model, send it to the printing manufacturing plants, and the plants will create the objects, and ship it! This means, artists don't have anything to worry about after designing their work. They can print 3D models with ease, as companies take care of virtually everything else.

How do these manufacturing plants print 3D models? This technology is known as 3D printing. This process can create virtually anything from a design. The system with these companies works like this. An artist will send a design to a printing company. The printing company will then send the model to a manufacturing plant, and the plant will create the model into a physical product. When the model arrives at the manufacturing facility, the model will be created layer by layer by 3D printers. The companies will deal with everything when it comes time to print 3D models. These printers can use a large variety of materials to choose from. For example - printers can use metals, plastics, ceramics, rubber like materials, mechanically strong materials, and even precious metals. Essentially, these machines will lay down layers of the material, and will fuse these layers together on top of each other. After the manufacturing plant has finished printing, the model will be shipped to the customer. These companies take care of every detail when it comes time to print 3D models, you and your customers don't have to worry about anything! Customers?

Through these 3D printing companies, artists have the opportunity to make a large amount of money, through commission work. One a design is created it is available for anyone to print 3D models out of it. This means that artists can post designs online across these companies, and consumers can buy them to be 3D Printed. Once the design is uploaded, that is it for the designer. Companies will deal with all the work when it comes time to print 3D models. All he or she has to worry about is collecting commission checks per each sale that is made. These companies take care of every other detail. There is no communication with manufacturing facilities, warehousing, or shipping involved. So in a nutshell, artists can make money! They simply upload their designs, and that is it!

This is great for consumers as well; if a company were to print 3D models, the consumer simply has to purchase the item, and wait for it in the mail. No dealing with manufacturing plants, warehousing, and shipping. Another cool thing about this process - 3D model printing is much more concise than other forms of manufacturing. 3D printing can create objects that can't even be competed with by other forms. For example - objects like a ball within a ball can be created. Mechanical functioning 3D Prints can be created in one piece. There are a wide variety of options!


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